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June 2015

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Philippe Genette from the Department of Geomatics at Infrabel -Belgian railways infrastructure manager- expresses his experience about imajing tool chain integration

Mr Philippe Genette, responsible of the Geomatics Unit at Infrabel –Belgian railways infrastructure manager– chose to acquire in 2012 two imajbox mobile mapping systems of 1st generation to enable data acquisition for ETCS projects deployment, the new European system for automatic control of trains.

In parallel to systematic surveys performed for the ETCS project, Mr Genette and his team have equipped the EM130 railcar –which surveys twice a year the entire main rail network (~6500km) to monitor rails geometry– with imajbox. One imajbox at the font of the EM130 and one at the back enable to survey the totality of the main network through only 2-month campaigns.

The ETCS project going on, and imajing technologies being well adapted to technical specifications, Infrabel decided to evolve in January 2015 towards the imajbox 2nd generation, and to extend its use by permanently equipping the EM220 railcar, a second measure engin.

imajbox method matches needs and is perceived by technical teams as non intrusive. Mr Genette testifies: « What we like about imajing solution, it's having a miniaturized system whose we are the owner. We can install it very quickly inside any train, we are fully autonomous ».

In order to offer an easy access to all potential users of the digitized view of the network, and according to each needs, Infrabel has chosen to use imajnet® web service offered by imajing. Internally, these services are integrated into Infrabel web GIS application.
Externally, imajnet® application ( is available for different service providers as part of specific projects strictly supervised. Various projects -as pruning projects, weeding projects, and acoustic studies validation- are based on the surveys. Internally, train drivers particularly appreciate virtual visit of lines.

Mr Genette also explains that imajing solutions were simple to integrate into Infrabel's workflow : “the system is opened, and we have access to many information for more specific developments. The Hotline in France works very well and we directly have in contact the relevant to answer our questions”. Imajnet® users have this way rapidly understood the tool chain potential.

Mr Genette is today very optimistic regarding the future relationship between Infrabel and imajing. He predicts new network vectorization and inventory projects thanks to the data collection and production tool chain.

imajing extends its reselling network in Latin America, Eurasia and Asia

This first half of 2015 was marked by the extension of imajing's international reselling network. The company reinforced its presence in Latin America through a reselling agreement with Geosytem Ing, responsible of sales in Colombia, Panama and Guatemala. Along with MappointAsia in Thailand, imajing takes a first step in South-Asia. Finally, Technopole Company has chosen to officially represent imajing solutions in Russia. This partnership was launched during GeoSiberia trade show (Novosibirsk, Russia) -about terrestrial and aerial mapping thematic- where imajing came to jointly exhibit with its new official reseller.

Through this international development dynamic, imajing wants to get closer to its clients by giving them the possibility of directly working with official local partners, offering proximity and simplification in commercial trading.


Galileo is a European project of positioning system by satellites managed by the ESA (Europan Spatial Agency), which imajing has been working on since 2014, for an integration into its navigation algorithms.

Following deployment delays of Galileo constellation, imajing has chosen to answer the needs for satellites availability -especially for complex environments as urban canyons, dense vegetation and equatorial areas- by integrating Glonass, the Russian positioning system by satellite with worldwide coverage.

imajbox is now available with a GPS + GLONASS internal receiver and offers more positioning modes for every survey environment.

imajing exhibits on the international stage in 2015, in Germany and South Korea

IMAJING - Hall 6, Stand G6.036
IMAJING - Stand C058
The second semester of 2015 announce a tight schedule for imajing which will be present on the main international events in mapping, GIS and public asset management areas.

Take the opportunity to visit us on these events at Stuttgart during Intergeo 2015 from the 15th to the 17th of September, and Seoul for the World Road Congress 2015 from the 2nd to the 6th of November.
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